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Top Tips for Preparing Content for your Website

Content Blog Post

Step by step...

The idea of setting up a website is a logical step in expanding your business online. You want to make a great impression with your clients through good web design and legitimise yourself in a sea of competitors. Well done! I have spoken to many business owners at this point of their journey towards creating a website. 


However, some people become overwhelmed by the thoughts of getting together the required content. In truth, unless you are a brand new business, you probably have a lot of what is needed already! Yay! (If you are a brand new business, don’t worry! I can support you through the process).


To make it easier for you, I thought it might be useful to create a guide on what content is usually required for a website and some handy online tools you can use to aid in the process.


Your website needs to sell your product or service to your clients. This is achieved through clear and well-written text, also known as ‘copy’. This can be written by you, or you can hire a copywriter to help you in this promotional style of writing. A copywriter can help you to develop a brand voice that will appeal to your audience, and skilfully write in this style for your website. If you need a talented copywriter, Taryn at Love Note Copywriting is the best in the biz! She can work with you to create a distinct and unique voice for your brand that will drown out the noise of your competition and drive sales. (If you need some help with your bio [about] section, I have a post about that here.)

2. Images

High quality images make a great first impression and make your business more credible to potential clients. Hiring a professional photographer is ideal but many people also use well-chosen stock images. This needs to be done carefully as poor choices can result in your website looking generic. www.pexels.com is among one of the best free stock photo websites out there. You can search for the type of image you are looking for and browse through thousands of results to find the right one for your site. If you are in the Melbourne area and need a photographer, I highly recommend Charlotte at Studio on Hampton. She offers pocket sessions, as well as branding packages, that will be perfect for your website.

3. Colour Palette

Your website’s colours will need to represent your brand. If you have a colour scheme that you work with already, excellent! If not, you can use the online palette generator, www.coolors.co to discover what palette is right for you. Here you can upload an image and use the colour picker to grab the colours from it or the generator to create palettes for you. You can explore tints and shades of a single colour also. It is incredibly useful as you can save your chosen palette for future use.

4. Logo

A logo is used so potential and existing clients can easily recognise your brand. If you don’t already have a logo, you may want to get in touch with a graphic designer to bring your design to life. Alternatively, I can create a very simple logo using text.

5. Videos

Videos can be included in your site if you wish which can be used to advertise products/services or offered to paid members of your website. You will need to upload all video content to Vimeo before work begins on your site so that it can be easily embedded. Videos can also be used as backgrounds. Stock videos can also be found on www.pexels.com.

6. Contact Information

This one is pretty simple. You can include a contact number and your address, if you wish. Your email address is required so that potential clients can contact you. The great news is that I can set up a domain email address for you e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com which can link to your existing email inbox. A domain email looks more professional and can be linked on your website.

And that’s it! Easy, right? If you need further advice on good website design practice and how to prepare your content, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you.